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District Attorney Launches Investigation Against College Station City Council

With the city manager scandal close to being to be settled, the College Station City Council may have thought the matter was over, but that isn't the case.

"All of us got the letter from the district attorney stating that they would be an investigation as a result of some complaints they received," said Ben White, College Station City Council Member, Place 1.

The investigation is the result of City Council's four to three vote taken last month in which City Manager Tom Brymer was fired. Brymer complained that his firing violated a specific section of the Texas Open Meetings Act.

"The Texas Open Meeting Act was a law developed a few years ago in response to some of the secret meetings that were thought to be a problem in Texas. It requires that every regular, special or called meeting receive notice and generally that's 72 hours and it has to be published in a public place," said Bill Ballard, legal analyst.

Even though Brymer has dropped his complaint and lawsuit, the question over whether the law was violated remains, and that's what has attracted the attention of the DA.

If the investigation determines the law was violated, council members face criminal prosecution.

"There's four criminal offenses that are set out by the open meetings act and generally they are misdemeanors of hybrids of misdemeanors," said Ballard.

According to college station city secretary, the DA has already requested past agendas and audio tapes, but at this point the inquiry is in its preliminary stage.

"At the end of the investigation, the DA makes the decision on weather to present the case to the grand jury," said Ballard

According to Ballard, there is no way to tell just how long an investigation like this will take.

"They're doing their job and we will see what happens," said White.