Abduction Hoax Angers Bryan Residents

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Reports that a boy was abducted and then managed to escaped while playing outside his Bryan apartment had a community on edge. Now, just a week later, the boy and two friends tell police they made the whole thing up.

According to police, the kids say the incident was a prank that got out of hand. Last Wednesday, a grade schooler who lived in the Wood Trail Apartments hobbled toward friends, bound in duct tape. The boy told neighborhood children that a black man had briefly abducted him.

The kids said they were originally only planning on tricking friends. However, one of those friends told his mother, who called 911.

Most of the kids stuck to their story until earlier this week. Neighbors say the incident had them worried, and that they don't think the "joke" was funny at all. "You don't play like that," said neighbor Lily Ulloh. "To scare the kids how they are, you don't play like that."

Police say the kids' story began unraveling this week, when a seven-year-old admitted nearly a half hour into questioning that the story was, in fact, made up.