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A&M Cuts More Jobs

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More Texas A&M workers are out of work, and the cuts may not be over.

Several of the university's facilities are operating in the red...even Reed Arena isn't safe from cutbacks.

Bills are a hard thing to pay these days for Anna Flores.

For 25 years she made a good living working at Texas A&M's Printing Services.

But in just one day, she lost her job and everything she worked so hard for.

"I'll never forget that day, it was right after the holidays. They came in. We didn't have time to say goodbye. Just get your stuff and out the door. People were shocked," said Anna.

Especially Anna.

She never thought the university would shut down printing services, leaving 23 workers without jobs.

That was six months ago, but she still remembers how much it hurt.

"All of a sudden my heart was beating. Because I didn't want to hear the news, the bad news," said Anna.

The printing office may have been the first of many departments still on the chopping block.

More recently, the faculty club restaurant has been closed and several jobs at Reed Arena have been cut.

Yes, Reed Arena.

They lost over $400,000 last year, so three employees had to be let-go.

"It's difficult. We've been working on this the past three months. We don't go out and release employees to release employees. It's a tough management decision," said Joe Powell, Texas A&M Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

Last week, the Faculty club closed, because it was losing money.

Six of its seven employees are out of work.

It's expected to re-open after asbestos removal and renovation -- hopefully with better luck.

"Any auxillary enterprise needs to make money," said Powell.

And that list is long.

Money-making operations include Food Services, Housing, the Memorial Student Center, even the bookstore.

If they fail to stay afloat -- Tuition and fees can't be used to keep them open.

Anna knows that all too well.

Now she's working as a custodian, one of the lowest paid workers at the university.

"Here it is this beautiful big university. Look at how you have people working and the custodial workers work hard," said Anna.

Something Anna fears may not even be for long.

The university says no other services are being reviewed for closing, and laying off workers is a last resort but the cutbacks had to be made to keep the campus running more efficiently.