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Judge: White Students Must Return to Hearne

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When white student transfers from Hearne show up in Mumford for the first day of class on Wednesday, they'll be turned away. That's according to a federal judge who charges Mumford violated state desegregation laws by accepting too many white students from Hearne.

There's still some confusion this evening, even among attorneys for Hearne and Mumford as school administrators try to figure everything out.

In essence, the judge's decision means that white transfer students from Hearne who are currently attending Mumford schools, will have to go back to Hearne. But Mumford's school district is fighting the decision and has requested an emergency stay, in hopes of keeping things the way they are for now. But time is running out because Mumford starts classes tomorrow.

News 3 spoke with attorneys for both sides. Mumford's attorney says he's not surprised by the ruling, but says he is arguing against the effects that the 1973 desegregation ruling has on the state's student transfer system. Hearne ISD is pleased and says it is more than ready to accommodate for the return of over 100 students that the district lost to Mumford.

Mumford ISD's attorney says he is working on filing an appeal and Hearne's school district says its preparing for the first day of school next Wednesday in hopes that the judge's ruling will stick.