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New Fast Fire Ant Product

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If you've been annoyed by pesky fire ants while trying to enjoy outdoor activities, there's good news. A new product is out and it guarantees to kill the ants at rapid speed.

They're a familiar site during a hot Texas summer, fire ants.

"Besides being irritating, they're just in the way and now they are trying to get into your houses and you have to spray around the foundation of your house and you have to put something out in the yard," said Robert Person, a Bryan resident.

Person is annoyed by the fire ant problem in his yard and is looking for a quick and easy way to get rid of the biting critters.

Dr Charles Barr with Texas Co-Operative Extension does the testing on fire ant products to see which ones work the best. His studies have found a new product that can solve your ant problems overnight. It's called "Spectracide Once and Done."

“It’s a unique chemistry. It's very safe for the environment. It doesn't actually start working until it's consumed by the ants themselves and that's how it kind of sneaks past the ants defenses and takes them out so fast," said Barr.

As fast as three days, rather than three to four weeks says Barr.

The cost for a bag is about $20, a price Person says he will gladly pay so his grandchildren can safely play in his yard.

" I have a granddaughter that plays in the yard in the evening and we have to always make sure to do a little check before we let her out there and make sure she doesn't get covered in them," said Person.

While you might not see the mounds in your yard, they're out there. Dr. Barr says heavy rain will only bring them to the surface.