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Shoppers Can Look Forward to More Options

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You see them popping up all over Bryan College Station, shopping strip centers are becoming more common.

Cheryl Bridges at the Center for Retail Studies at Texas A&M says strip centers are becoming more popular because the people are wanting more specialty stores and the convenience is another plus.

"Many people are focused on what they want, they want to go in, park, get it and get out," says Bridges.

"Its easier to shop at a strip center or strip mall because you don't have to travel quite as far and there's not much traffic and parking is bit easier," says shopper Brittany Horn.

University Towne Center is one of the newer shopping strips going up. It's scheduled to open as early as September of this year.

Developer, David Scarmardo says he expects this trend to continue to grow.

"I think its giving consumers an alternative to the mall atmosphere. The mall will always have consumer base. But I think a lot of shoppers will pull up , be able to walk into a specialty shops, go to rest and not have to deal with mall traffic," says Scarmardo.

While the tradition of shopping in a mall is expanding to strip centers, the mall says the new trend just leaves shoppers with more options.

Joan Ghani is the marketing director at Post Oak Mall and welcomes the competition.

"We've needed a lot more shopping here for a long time. What we've seemed to have noticed is people are staying in town to shop as oppose to going to outline areas like Houston and Austin," says Ghani.

In the end, no matter where shoppers decide to go it's the competition that good for customers.