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Computer Cleaning Product: a Cheap High

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A computer cleaning spray is the newest product that gives young people a cheap high. Dust-Off itself is not the source of the problem, it's only one example of hundreds of common household products with the potential to be abused.

Mary Mattingly is the director for prevention services at BVCASA. She says while they don't see many clients that abuse inhalents that doesn't mean its not a problem.

"We have to be on alert as parents and know what to look for and that's why prevention is so important. If we can prevent that youth from becoming addicted then hopefully they won't wind up in the criminal justice system or wind up in a treatment facility somewhere and hopefully they won't wind up dead," says Mattingly.

What's commonly called "huffing" is mostly seen in young people ages 12 to 17, simply because its easy to get a hold of. Spray paint, household and electronic cleaners can easily be found at nearby stores.

Ben Whaley is the co-manager of Wal-Mart in Bryan. He says they do their best to keep up with the latest products being abused and are taking measures to make those products harder to get.

"In order to prevent folks from buying spray paint and things that could be used for huffing to underage children. We do have an age restriction on all of our spray paints, also in our automotive areas. When they go through the register with those items, they will actually get prompted and have to provide an ID proof that they are 18 in order to purchase these items," says Whaley.

The intentional chemical high is something kids think they can get away with. Mattingly says that's simply not true. There's an odor with sores and scratches around the mouth area parents need to be aware of.

"Kids are really clever and if there's a way and they want to use drugs then they will do it and will find a way to hide it from adults," says Mattingly.