Rising Gas Prices Fuel Public Transportation

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Public transportation is on the rise here in Bryan-College Station. Last year, about 13,000 people used The District's public transportation service a month.

This year, that number has jumped to 25,000 and The District tells us rising gas prices is the reason.

Triple A reported Friday, that on average Texans are paying $3.16 a gallon for gas. That's why Maria Flores has changed the way she gets around town.

Rising gas prices have the local mother watching her pennies.

"It's crazy," Flores said.

She's one of thousands of Bryan-College Station residents turning to public transportation.

"Right now the increase in gas prices and it's more convenient you know," Flores said. "You don't have to go out of your way and spend a lot of money."

For just a dollar a day, The District can take you all over Bryan-College Station and transfers are free.

That is about $5 a week, compared to a $60 fill-up.

"It's ridiculous," Flores said. "You know President Bush should really step in and do something about it."

The last time The District raised bus fare was in 2004 and they don't expect an increase anytime soon.

As for gas prices, they continue to rise. Texans are paying about six cents more than last week.

The District is buying nine new buses that will join the fleet in June. The new buses hold 30 people compared to the old buses which held 22.