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FBC Daycare Closing Its Doors

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Two years after a child sex abuse scandal, the First Baptist Church Day Care could be shutting its doors.

Pastor Tim Owens is recommending closure, but it will be up to his congregation to decide.

Time has run out for First Baptist Church Child Development Center.

Pastor Tim Owens is recommending the day care shut down, leaving 25 teachers without jobs and the parents of 110 children to find child care someplace else.

"I just spoke with Pastor Tim and expressed my displeasure and my disappointment and he said it was all discussed in committee and that's the way they do things here," said parent Cathy Williams.

The news was especially shocking for those parents and teachers who stood by the church day care two years ago, when a former teacher was convicted of molesting two toddlers.

"This is how they're repaying us for our support. They're shutting the doors on us," said parent Debbie Ehrhardt.

During the Alex Davila trial, the church asked parents to support the day care by not removing their children.

Now parents feel the rug is being pulled from under them.

"I had my kids on a waiting list since they were born, and two months isn't enough," said Williams.

Current Director Tashia Dickerson sent a letter to parents Thursday to let them know the church would soon decide the fate of the CDC.

To ease the transition for parents, Dickerson plans to open up a private day care but she still doesn't have a location because the church refused to lease out the CDC.

In fact the church didn't notify parents of anything, until after Dickerson sent out her letter.

Pastor Owens would not comment on camera but says the closure would be better for the church's future, and has nothing to do with the day care's past.

But in the meantime it's leaving families and their children in limbo, until a decision is made.

Since the Davila trial, the church has claimed it's not connected to the day care that bears its name.

But it will take a vote by church members to close it.

The vote will be held at the end of the month.

If they vote yes, the day care will officially close September 2nd.