Goats Make Good Reading

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Goats Make Good Reading
Most people probably don't let goats live inside the house as pets. A College Station family did, and now a local mom put the story in a book.

Catherine Rice signed copies of her children's book, "Goats in the House" Saturday in Wellborn. The stars of the book, "Boo"' and "Bunker Hill," were also on hand.

Rice says the goats' mother died giving birth, so her family kept them inside for a few weeks to bottle feed them.

"At one point, they jumped up on the desk and had paperwork in their mouth and they were standing on the keyboard to the computer. So I thought, 'this is funny. This is how this would be if they were living in the house,'" said Rice.

Rice stayed up late one night to write the rhyming book. Her husband said one of the goats had to go, but if her story was published, both could stay. Thanks to a book deal, the goats are living happily, though now outside at the Rice home.