Man on PCP Rams Car

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A Bryan man is in jail after police say he used his car to ram another vehicle, while on PCP. Bryan Police say Alton Kyle Walton II, used his pontiac to ram the back of a jeep Saturday evening in the 1500 block of Rollins Street.

The victim told police Walton's pontiac went underneath the jeep and lifted the back wheels off the ground. Walton was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Bryan police say that was the third call they'd received that day about Walton. A postal employee called police Saturday morning, when he believed Walton was going to assault him.

Less than an hour later, police believe Walton got gas at the HEB on Villa Maria, and then drove off without paying for it.

Brazos County Jail records show Walton has been arrested 21 times since 2001.