Doctor's Office on the Road

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The Brazos Family Medicine Residency has a new addition to their practice. It's an RV Mobile Medical Unit that takes the doctor’s office right to your front door.

The new addition will save a trip to town for those who live out in the rural areas. That's because most small towns have a difficult time keeping physicians.

"It expands the reach of Brazos family medicine program so we can see how badly we need care in small towns, and it’s even gonna produce some new innovations in teaching because we're gonna try and do projects where we supervise residents using telemedicine," says Dr. Nancy Dickey with Texas A&M Health Science Center.

It's a clinic on wheels with state of the art technology to help better serve their patients in the rural communities.

"Hippocrates," the father of medicine, is the new name of the medical unit. It contains two exam rooms, a lab and patient education center. It utilizes telemedicine-technology that gives patients primary and specialty medical care without having to drive long distances to a larger community.

"We're excited about being on cutting edge of doing something different in graduate medical education. We're hoping to presep residents who are seeing patients out on field by satellite, Internet and telecommunication equipment that we have with their supervising faculty physicians back here at home base," says David McClennan with the Brazos Family Medical Residency.

The team of physicians will be able to do routine preventative screenings and pre-natal care for expecting mothers.

"The number one diagnosis in America is heart disease; number two is diabetes. We plan on doing screening for cardiovascular disease such as offering cholesterol and glucose screening," says Mobile Clinic Coordinator, Paula Deal.

Cooks Point has already benefited from these services. Once they get up and running the vehicle will provide care on a weekly basis.