Going Green to Save Green

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People in the Brazos Valley are spending almost a dollar more a gallon for gas than what they were paying this time last year. If you're filling up once a week, you're spending anywhere from $12 to $30 more a fill up.

It's these kind of prices that have many looking to trade in their vehicle for something smaller or more economical.

"We went to San Antonio, and it was just about on empty," potential car buyer Bethalyn Donovan said. "I put $137 into it."

That's why people like Donovan are starting to take a serious look at a "greener" alternative.
"The hybrid has been more attractive here lately for the 40 to 45 miles per gallon it's making," Allen Honda salesman Bob McGill said.

McGill has been making a good living lately selling Hybrids. The higher gas gets, the more hybrids he sells. However, trading in those gas guzzlers isn't as easy as it used to be.

"The fact that diesel is up to $4 a gallon and regular gas is up to almost $3.20, it's making them a little harder to be resold again," according to McGill.

Which may be one reason Donovan isn't ready to trade-in the big SUV just yet. But with the cost of gas, she needs something more economical to get her around town.

"It's a very big decision in my household. Finding a car that saves gas determines where we go and errands and everything," Donovan said.