City of Navasota Singing a Happy Tune After Blues Fest

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It started 10 years ago as a small event to pay tribute to a local celebrity.

"This festival really has its roots locked in with the history of Navasota," said John Fultz, board member, Navasota Blues Fest.

The Navasota Blues Fest not only attracts people from all over the area, it's also earned the city the title of the Blues Capital of Texas.

"Because of the efforts of Lois Kolkhorst and her office, we were able to get the designation as the blues capital of Texas and we are very proud of that," said Fultz.

As the festival has grown, so has Navasota's tourism. People are attracted to the sights and sounds of blues and jazz and that means more money for local businesses.

"As we have grown without a whole lot of intention, it has become obvious that this should be the focal point for Navasota's efforts in tourism," said Fultz.

Food, fun and of course some good old fashioned blues music are the main ingredients for this weekends festival. However, the impact it has made will have residents and businesses singing a happy tune long after the weekend is over.

"The more people we have from outside that spend their dollars here, that dollar multiplies seven or eight times in the community," said Fultz.

Herman Jessie is the owner of Crossroads B-B-Q in Hearne. He comes to the festival every year because of the effect it has on his business more than 40 miles away.

"For every dollar I spend, I am making 75 cents and the volume of people that have come to the festival have increased every year," said Herman Jessie, owner, Crossroads B-B-Q.

While the festival is mere entertainment for the hundreds of people that attend each year, this Texas town is seeing the bigger picture and is reaping the benefits.

"Navasota, keep it going, it's a wonderful thing people enjoy it and we enjoy being down here serving the community," said Jessie.