Wicked Weather Rips Through Hearne

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Wicked weather swept through the Brazos Valley Tuesday afternoon, leaving minor damage.

However, Hearne found its way in the storm's path.

Residents think a tornado ripped through their neighborhood.

"I came outside and saw the tornado picking up those washing machines there," Hearne resident Leron Thomas said.

Thomas was at his home in Hearne when nature knocked on his door.

"When I was in the restroom I heard the tornado," Thomas said.

Strong winds blew the roof off of his house but left neighboring homes unscathed.

"Me and my brother were scared and we ran next door and we didn't know what to do," Thomas said. "We were just scared."

Construction crews were quick on the scene and the American Red Cross was not far behind.

"We always try to get to these as quickly as possible," Bobby Maggard with the American Red Cross said. "The sooner we get there the more reassured the people are that they'll have help, if they need it."

It is a bump in the road for the families living in this close knit community and for Leron Thomas it's something he'll likely never forget.

The Red Cross says they will give the families affected vouchers for food, clothing and shelter for up to 72 hours.