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Summer Learning Tips

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Studies show that kids who aren't involved in some type of educational activities over the summer lose ground. But there are things you can do to keep your kids' minds active over the break.

This summer Tammy Whisenant decided to take her children to the library so they could do some reading and other educational activities. She's hoping this will prevent summer learning loss.

"Well I don't want them to forget the things they've just learned. I want them to maintain this level. They're pretty smart kids and I want them to be really prepared next year," said Whisenant.

Whisenant has the right idea. Teachers and school administrators encourage parents to keep their kids reading and involved in math and enrichment activities so the transition from summer break, back to school is a smooth one.

"Teachers are faced with children coming back in from the summer who have played and enjoyed the summer and so they spend some time reviewing and getting children ready for a rigorous academic school year," said Linda Madden with Bryan I.S.D.

You won't have to go very far or spend a lot of money to keep young minds stimulated during the summer. Local libraries offer summer reading programs.

"One of the best things parents can do, I think, is to model good reading habits and for families to come to the library and encourage the kids to come and check out books and continue reading over the summer time," said Robin Jones, Bryan's Youth Services Librarian.

Jones says quite a few families have come to the library this summer.

Other tips for parents include:
Finding a safe, kid friendly Web site that offers daily activities and brain teasers.
Check with your city's parks and recreation department to see what activities are going on around town. Talk to your child's educators about summer workbooks.

Educators say these tips and incorporating fun educational activities into daily routines will better prepare students for the start of school in August.

For more information on summer reading programs, contact Bryan and College Station's public libraries.