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Help Hurricane Pets

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Hurricane Dennis has come and gone...but for some victims, the storm is not over yet. A heavy tropical storm season has been predicted, placing the Brazos Animal Shelter on high alert.

Hundreds of animals were rescued from the wrath of Hurricane Dennis. "They were evacuated when Louisiana was supposed to get hit. ASPCA evacuated all the way along the coast with their emergency vehicles and they stopped in Houston, College Station and Dallas," says Erin Darst of Woodstock Animal Foundation.

The Brazos Animal Shelter takes overflow from Houston shelters. Executive Director Kelley Durham is sure they'll eventually be a haven for hurricane pets this storm season. But, there is little room at the shelter for extra animals. "We really do need more space. We're taxed right now and struggle to save lives," says Durham.

In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about Fostering Hurricane pets, or to help name the dog featured in our 6 o'clock broadcast click HERE.