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Transfer Students Mean More Money for School Districts

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Almost 300 Mumford students are transfers, and the school district gets money for each. So if Mumford students are forced back to Hearne, does that mean fewer dollars for the Mumford school district?

Transfers account for more than 60 percent of Mumford's enrollment. It's true the majority is from Hearne, but they also come from other surrounding districts.

Mumford Superintendent, Pete Bienski says while they receive $5500 per student that amount is comparable to other districts their size.

"We survive on transfer students. A lot of schools will not accept transfers simply because they cannot educate students from money they receive from state for those students. Mumford has been able to take money we receive from the state for those students and educate," says Bienski.

For the 2002-2003 school year, Mumford received more than $7000, while Hearne received more than $8000 from the state. Yet both schools had a significant difference in their spending. Hearne spent more than they took in.

"The amount of money coming from the state is same for all school districts its just how you utilize the money you get," says Bienski.

Unlike other districts, Mumford doesn't have to spend much on their athletic programs, also they were able to save money when building their new school almost 10 years ago. Bienski says the money goes strickly to academics.