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Hearne School Bond Is Back On The Ballot

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It's round two for Hearne's multi-million dollar school bond proposal that failed by 20 votes back in May. Its been 15 years since the last bond passed.

Hearne students have dealt with old and rundown classrooms for decades, but voters can turn that around if they're willing to pay the price.

"They're old and outdated, wires are exposed. Anytime we upgrade technology, those wires are exposed. All the classroom doors open to the outside, so there are no hallways," says Hearne Superintendent, David Deaver.

"Our gym, the roof needs a new roof and it cost money to repair it. Our other campuses we're having to put money into air conditioning and heating every year. We just can't keep putting money into it, " says Hearne School Board Member, Frank Mata.

No changes have been made to the existing plans the school board initially proposed in May. Mata says they've found a solution that will save the district and taxpayers money in the long run.

The district wants to combine two elementary schools into one campus and attach a new junior high to the current high school. The board says this will eliminate doubling up on services like the cafeteria.

Mata says their simply running out of room and having the schools closer could be a better thing for everyone involved.

"We need new facilities and our kids to be proud. As you can see we turned this building into something beautiful. I think kids enjoy it, have more pride and new facilities would be helpful, even for our teachers," says Mata.

Other additions include a new gym, vocational building, band hall and weight room. Mata says the bond shows the initiative the board is working to better the schools of Hearne.

Hearne residents can vote at the High School this Saturday.