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Back to School Fashions

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Tuesday was the first day of school for Bryan and College Station students and for many of them, the best part about it was getting new clothes. But if kids are vying for best dressed, they need to know what's hip in this year's back-to-school-style.

Fashion experts say the casual look of jeans and a t-shirt is still very much in style for back to school this year.

Rebecca Riske with Steve and Barry's at Post Oak Mall tells us the look for the ladies.

"They're the low rise, stretch denim. The trendy color is the washed out kind of look on the darker rinse," said Riske.

Another trend that has made a comeback is the fashion of the 80's. Fashion coordinator Mary Bryant says denim has made a huge comeback.

"Back to the times of the 80's where everything is embellished with rhinestones, beads and embroidery," said Bryant.

All that's glitter and gold can be seen on tank tops and tees. For guys, it seems cargo is the way to go.

"In the men’s department, carpenter pants are the big sellers as well as the cargo shorts. They're very comfortable they sell out pretty quick," said Riske.

As for the fashion don'ts, experts say clothes that are 2 sizes too big don't make the cut.

"The ill fitting clothes. Things that are just oversized, not really as popular," said Bryant.

Staying in style doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Steve and Barry's offers everything in their store for under $10. That's a price that both parents and teens can agree on.

"We don't believe that you have to pay $70 for a pair of jeans," said Riske.

Those in the fashion industry say know what types of clothes look good on you, but don't be afraid to take risks.

"Step outside the box just a little bit. Have a little bit if fun and you've just got to have a little bit of animal print this season," said Bryant.