Caring For Elders

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Inexpensive high tech tools are allowing seniors to live more independently at the very moment they might otherwise need the care
of a costly nursing home.
Adult children are increasingly turning to webcams and other home gadgets to help their aging parents stay in familiar surroundings as long as possible.

A camera can be connected to a parent's home to check in on a loved one throughout the day.
After an upfront cost of a few hundred dollars for the equipment, its only a monthly charge of less than 15 dollars.

Some families rely on a system of wireless motion detectors to check in on mom or dad 24 hour a day.
These devices can find out if a parent gets out of bed, whether they take their medicine, or even if they open their refrigerator for a meal.
Again after the equipment is in place, the system costs a modest monthly fee.

More information about the camera system is available at
More information about the sensor monitors is available at

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