Rising Cost of Flour Spikes Price of Bread

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You are going to have to come up with more dough if you want buy bread.

Bread prices are rising and a wheat shortage is to blame.

We talked to one local pizza place Friday afternoon and they tell us, they've had to raise prices because of the rising cost of their supplies.

It's not only pizza, the cost of a sandwich is also higher than it was a year ago.

Bryan Ramsey mixes dough for about 90 loafs of bread a day.

That's not including the bread he makes for about 500 sandwiches that customers order daily at this College Station sandwich shop.

"It's definitely a clean taste that's different than anything else," Ramsey said. "The crust is crunchier than you would get somewhere else."

The taste has remained the same at the deli since it opened its doors in 2001, but one thing has changed over the years.

"We have had to raise prices," Blue Baker General Manager Casey Hall said.

That's because short supplies have recently raised the price of wheat worldwide.
At Blue Baker you're paying more for basic goods like bread.

Just in the past few months the cafe raised the price of its sandwiches by about 25 cents.
And a loaf of bread costs about 50 cents more.

The deli is paying $25 for a bag of flour, that cost $8 a year ago.
That's because flour is made from wheat.

Experts say the global need for grain is rising and droughts around the world have slashed supplies.

"Probably has to get worse before it gets better," Hall said.

Which means you might be dishing out more dough for a slice of bread.

Wheat hit a record high last week. It's about 31 percent higher than last year.
So of course the price of bakery and cereal products is rising, up almost two percent in February.
That's the largest monthly increase since January 1975.