Rabies Alert in Bryan

A pair of skunks in Bryan has tested positive for rabies.

Authorities are alerting residents near Shirley and Woodville Roads, where the skunks were found.

In Brazos County, reports of rabid animals is on the rise, according to officials. There have been six positive cases already this year, compared to 12 skunks reported at this time last year.

In 2007, 36 animals tested positive for the disease, including 28 skunks.

"They're going to be coming up in your yard, they're going to dig under the fence to get in your yard with your dog and that's totally abnormal behavior for a skunk," local Rabies Control Authority Ashley Wesp said.

Animal Control officials urge residents to watch out for nocturnal animals out during the day and keep a close eye on pets.

"Keep your pets up and current on preventative rabies vaccinations because that's the first line of defense against the disease," said Wesp.

Report any strange-acting wildlife to local animal control.

If you are bitten by a rabid animal, you have to get a series of shots in your arm over a 28-day period.