Some Residents Anxious After Bryan Fire Station Closed

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The air inside Bryan Fire Station 3 is being tested after potentially harmful mold was found inside the bathroom.

Preliminary tests show the mold could present health risks which prompted officials to relocate the staff and temporarily close the station.

The siren, is a familiar sound on Red Robin St. In Bryan.

"You can hear them every time they get a call. You can hear them leave and you can hear the station go off, you get used to it," said Bryan Resident Erik Green.

These days, the streets are quieter since the sirens at the fire station have been silenced. All because of a menacing discovery.

"It looks like it could have been around for years," said Bryan Fire Chief Mike Donoho.

Earlier this week, mold was found behind a bathroom wall.

Firefighters who once called Fire Station 3 their second home have temporarily moved to other stations.

Residents who live near the station will depend on other fire stations in their response zone to help in an emergency. Stations 1 and 2 are expected to carry out that responsibility.

"We're looking at a small increase in response times. We call it a small dink in our armor if you will," said Donoho.

A call that used take five to seven minutes to respond to, could now take six to 10.

"My grandparents both have Cardiomyopathy and if something happens to them, they're not going to have anyone close enough to get there in time," said Jessica Dixon.

Dixon says the convenience of having the fire station nearly in her backyard has been something her family depended on before.

"We've called the ambulance for my grandmother, She fell out of the attic and broke her pelvic bone. They were there in just two minutes because they were so close," Dixon said.

Close is exactly where the Bryan Fire Department wants to be.

"Our goal is to get the folks back into the facility or onsite as quick as possible," said Donoho.

The results from the air sampling tests will be evaluated on Monday. Depending upon the results, the firefighters could move back in to Station 3 within a few days.

Chief Donoho says they already have a plan in place that would put temporary trailers behind the station, while the mold clean-up is underway.

A mold expert from Austin is also expected to visit next Wednesday to discuss health concerns, and clean-up procedures.

Officials with the fire department say they will see if he recommends a health screening of the firefighters that work in station 3.