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Parents Want Hearne to Unite

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The first day back to school on Wednesday was without incident for Hearne students. Despite the ongoing transfer debate, parents say it's time to move on to a fresh, new start.

As students lined up for the first day of class at Blackshear elementary, some parents gathered to figure out a way to unite the community and make Hearne schools better.

"All of us have a right to our opinion, but we don't need to divide. We need to pull together to make our school district the best district that it can possibly be," said Jannifer Ellison.

Ellison is a Hearne graduate and says she had excellent teachers when she was in school. She even went on to college and is now pursuing her master's degree. Ellison says with help from home, current Hearne students can have the same academic opportunities she has.

"It's really up to the parent, those parents in that home, to first of all train up their children. Teach them the basics, the necessities they're going to need as far as an education," said Ellison.

Ellison's opinion is shared by others who believe the difference between success and failure lies within the individual.

"It's nothing wrong with Hearne schools. I have kids that are on the honor roll, I mean they apply themselves. They do what they're supposed to do," said Bernice Edwards.

Supporters of Hearne's school district say they understand the viewpoints of those who've transferred their children to Mumford. But their goal is for a peaceful resolution, one that won't let emotions override what's best for the children.

"I feel like today is only the starting point for a new beginning. We just have to be focused to encourage our children and to motivate them," said Ellison.

School officials in Hearne could not say whether the district had received any of its transfers back.

News 3 spoke with one parent who did transfer her kids from Mumford back to Hearne. She says she wanted to give them the opportunity to play sports and feels confident they'll receive a quality education in Hearne.