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Computer Worm Could Inch Its Way to Your PC

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The latest computer virus has infected computers running Microsoft operating systems Windows 2000 users are the most seriously affected.

Tom Putnam is the Computing and Information Director at Texas A&M. He says this worm is causing more problems at companies with large, network computer systems, rather than individual computer users.

"It tries to affect the computer using of vulnerability and plug in play service that's successful over network," says Putnam.

The worm copies itself and then searches networks for other unprotected machines, causing no damage to data but clogging networks and occasionally rebooting its host computer.

"Basically the program infects the target computer that's vulnerable and opens a back door on a computer that leaves the computer potentially subject to somebody to come in and exploit it for various purposes at some point in future and tries to spread itself to other computers on network," says Putnam.

There are new viruses coming out daily, so the key is to protect your computer. Make sure to subscribe to the windows update, when it asks you to install a new update do it. Don't put updates off. Make sure you always have an anti-virus program running on your PC and keep it updated.

"Any computer on network, whether by dial up or ethernet or home DSL or cable modems is potentially vulnerable," say Putnam.

Microsoft has issued patches for the security hole as well as to cleanse infected systems. While computer users need to be on alert, Putnam says the severity of this virus is low.