Bryan v. Coalition for Life

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Round 2 of a battle over signs between the city of Bryan and the Coalition for Life is decided.

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Bryan saying the city's sign ordinance is constitutional.

The decision upholds District Judge, Kenneth Hoyt's ruling back in February 2004. Bryan's ordinance states that no signs can be posted in the ground at public right of ways, but the coalition says that violates its freedom of speech.

The coalition plans to request another hearing.

"The key issue is that pro-life volunteers rights have been restricted. We're simply wanting to get those rights back. To be able to stake a simple white cross in the ground to be able to memorialize those hurt by abortions," said Marilisa Carney with Coalition for Life.

Bryan's attorney's say they are pleased with the courts decision. In a statement released by the city of Bryan representatives say:

" We feel the city's ordinances are constitutional and the courts agree. The city must balance the interests of all its citizens to live and work together, which is one goal of the ordinances at issue."