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Is Your Swimming Pool In Violation?

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Dollie Scanlin lives on the outskirts of Brazos County and just purchased a backyard pool.

"Its real hot, got the kids, me and my husband just want to have fun. So we went and got a pool," says Scanlin.

But right now it’s in violation of state law, which requires a barrier of some kind around the pool.

Dollie is currently working on getting her swimming pool up to code by putting up a fence around her home. But while the county doesn't have any permit restrictions, the city does.

"People do go out one weekend and pick up a swimming pool, put it up within hours and don't go by the guidelines of the barriers around those swimming pools is definitely a concern for us and ones we do not know about or catch potentially can be dangerous to public," says Chris Haver, a Building Inspector for the city of College Station.

Portable pools are becoming more common, because of the convenience. You see them often in many residents’ yards, but did you know if you live within the city limits and have a pool without the proper papers, you could be in violation of city codes?

Haver says if swimming pools are more than 24 inches deep, you must notify the city and request a permit. Along with that you must have a barrier like a fence or wall to surround your portable pool.

"It’s somebody in the public or neighbor calls in and we'll go by and take a look at it and try to get those swimming pools taken care of with gates and latches and barriers around swimming pool addressed," says Haver.

Haver says the city does routine spot checks looking for homes in violation. But know you will get fined if you do not follow the city's regulations.

"We do have inspectors in subdivisions everyday doing other inspections and if they see a swimming pool like you're talking about, they'll stop there directly, take the homeowner and keep them out of the swimming pool until they can get with us and get proper barriers around the pool," says Haver.

So you want to make sure your pool is in order before enjoying a dip in the pool.