Oil Mess Near Navasota River

Oil spill site near Navasota River.
Oil spill site near Navasota River.
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The State Railroad Commission is investigating an oil spill southeast of Kurten in Brazos County.

The accident was discovered yesterday on private property just south of FM 1179 and FM 2038 near the Navasota River.

Officials estimate about 50 barrels of oil is covering the ground and a pond on the property.

There are three wells on the property that were plugged in 1996. Inspectors say improper plugging could be the cause of the spill.

State officials say DJ Oil Field Salvage, which is no longer in business, is responsible for the wells.

The Texas Attorney General's Office is looking for DJ Oil Field Salvage to recover $174,000 in cleanup costs from other wells across the state.

The Brazos County cleanup will cost approximately $50,000 which would come out of the Oil Field Cleanup Fund, paid for by the oil and gas industry