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Bryan Hopes New Theater Bucks Ticket Trend

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Dennis Goehring worked for College Station in the 80s when he helped bring Cinemark to the city. Now with Bryan's business council, he's orchestrated Premiere Theater's move to Boonville Road and Highway 6.

"Bryan is growing, and the whole east side is beginning to grow," Goehring says, "and as the city begins to implement its infrastructure, we'll have a lot of growing out there."

It's fantastic news they say. Also fantastic: the box office this weekend.

The Fantastic Four ended a record Hollywood slump after it pulled in $56 million. That ends a 19-week slide as compared to ticket sales last year. Combine that with increased DVD and rental sales, and Tinsel Town is trembling. Renters say convenience is key.

"Basically go and find whatever movie you're in the mood for, pay three or four bucks for it, keep it for a month and bring it back," said movie renter Arthur Spears.

Joann Langford says, "You can sit back in your recliner, sip on something cool to drink, and just kick your shoes off."

But Bryan points to a few things when it comes to their new theater's potential success. First, they say Cinemark is packed on a regular basis, and that even smaller towns have many more screens.

"They've done their market studies," says Goehring of Premiere Theaters. "They've done their research, and they feel very comfortable in the fact that there's a need for another theater."

And today's announcement fuels hope for a booming economic set up on the east side. A new 40,000-square-foot entertainment center with bowling, laser tag and miniature golf will sit next door to the theater and other businesses. Combine that with the new theater, and the city expects to draw from far and wide.

"There are a lot of people out there where there are no theaters," Goehring says, "and their entertainment is to come to town and go to a movie and hopefully have dinner and go back home."

And the city hopes Bryan's residents' next movie experience is out on their town.