Forest Ridge Elementary in Full Swing

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The first day of school is about a month away, and the newest addition to College Station ISD will be ready.

College Station's new 12 million dollar elementary school has only finishing touches left to complete.

"It's been a phenomenal experience. We've been working since January," said Principal Terresa Katt.

Katt says while there's plenty of work left to do -- she's eager for the first day of school.

"I believe we have a beautiful place for kids to learn. When they come in their eyes are going to light up and they'll be so happy to be here," said Katt.

From top -- to bottom every detail has been thought of.

There are security features, a spacious gym...a courtyard and a library that is ready for to be worn in.

Each of the school's five wings will be themed after a region in Texas...and the school mascot is the falcon.

College Station ISD is growing at about 3 percent a year. So all of the district's schools was under pressure.

"This completely relieved that pressure. But what we're finding now is even this campus will open with more students than originally thought," said Mike Ball with CSISD.

535 kids are enrolled but there's room for more because the school is built to hold 650 students.

The Falcons will be made up of pre-k thru 4th graders from almost every elementary school in College Station.

Most of the 60 educators on staff have also been transferred.

Which makes for a good mix of students and teachers.

"We want to be about meeting the kids where they are and moving them forward," said Katt.

The only anticipated glitch -- may be the traffic.

Road work around the school has not been completed yet and may become congested.

"We are going to have some traffic issues and we'd like to encourage people to take the bus transportation," said Ball.

But with everything almost squared away, the future looks bright for Forest Ridge and its students.

Teachers are expected to start moving in on Monday, and the first day of school is August 16th.