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Stabbing Victim Recounts Horrific Evening

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"I never thought anything like this would happen to us yesterday."

The words of William Andrus Fitts, who is back home after being treated for a stab wound and hurt ribs following Thursday night's shooting and stabbing outside his home, leaving an angry ex-lover dead, and Fitts and his friend injured. He spoke to News 3 off-camera Friday and relayed his story, remarkably calm after a remarkable night less than 24 hours earlier, and hoping others can learn from his ordeal.

Fitts, 50, and 37-year-old Phyllis Scott have been very close friends since they were first introduced to each other in 1993.

For four months earlier this year, Scott began seeing 48-year-old Amos Ybarra, but the two ended their relationship in July. Ybarra had worked for weeks to try and talk Scott into coming back to him. According to Fitts, Ybarra was so distraught, he had threatened to kill himself in front of Scott a few weeks ago.

Fast forward to Thursday just after 6 PM. Scott was at Fitts's house on Kazmeier Plaza in South Bryan. The two often spent time together at his home, and Ybarra knew this. Fitts had told Ybarra not to come over to see Scott unless he called ahead, but unannounced, Ybarra showed up Thursday and asked to speak to Ms. Scott. Reluctantly, Scott went out to Fitts's patio to speak with Ybarra.

Very simply, in hindsight, Fitts said, "I shouldn't have let her do that."

The two were talking for a few minutes when Fitts says he heard the discussion getting louder. He left the house and politely told them to quiet down a bit. A few minutes later, Fitts heard Scott screaming, "He's killing me! He's killing me!"

When Fitts got out, he saw Ybarra plunging the knife into Scott repeatedly. Fitts ran to his SUV, got a 38-caliber pistol, and ran back to the struggle. As he was about to strike Ybarra with his gun, Fitts was stabbed in the chest.

He says he doesn't remember how many shots he fired. Bryan PD says he fired twice, killing Ybarra.

Fitts then leaned Scott against the wall as he called 911 on his cell phone. Fitts and his mother, who was also at the house at the time, helped Scott back to a chair outside the home. As she was being tended to, Scott called her mother to let her know what had happened. Fitts said she was mentally collected more than he could ever imagine.

Ms. Scott remains in serious condition at St. Joseph, suffering from multiple stab wounds.

Fitts hopes the ordeal can help others to seek help in a difficult relationship so it doesn't escalate to something like last night.

Although he hadn't been able to speak with his friend yet when he spoke to News 3 Friday afternoon, Fitts wanted to pass along a message to Scott.

"I want her to know I love her, to be tough, and I want her to get through everything," Fitts said.