Delivery Drivers Hit Hard By Gas Prices

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"It's getting harder and harder to drive at least delivery drive that's for sure," said Jason Lavender, delivery driver, Gumby's Pizza.

"Gas prices are just destroying us overall," said Richard Fegan, delivery driver, Gumby's Pizza.

Restaurant delivery drivers spend most of their day driving. And two drivers for Gumby's Pizza in College Station say the price at the pump is impacting everything from the money they take staffing the restaurant.

"You can actually see your gas tank just dropping down and you know that's money out of your pocket and your family's pocket at the same time," said Fegan.

"Now people are trying to work seven days a week just to cover for the fact that gas is going up cause their driving all the time," said Lavender

Many pizza delivery drivers are responsible for filling up their own tanks. And now, because of high gas prices, retaining employees is a much more challenging task.

"It seems to me that the drivers that do come in here are that they are staying for less and less time because they can't deal with it themselves," said Fegan.

Fegan says drivers' wages won't go up just because gas is more he says they have to rely on customers tips to get by.

"Tips are really helpful, if you're not getting them you can't pay for gas, its just that simple," said Fegan.

So while the price at the pump keeps climbing, and there doesn't seem to be a pay increase on the road ahead, these delivery guys are going cross their fingers and hope generous customers keep them rolling.