Golf Course Putted Back To City

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2.5 million dollars in improvements to Bryan's Muncipal Golf Course needed only a stamp of approval from the city's Business Council. But, Monday night the business council took no action. Now, the plans are back in the hands of the city council.

According to City Secretary Mary Lynne Stratta, Mayor Ernie Wentrcek will file a motion for the council to consider options for the course at the September 13 meeting. At this time, the Mayor has not said what the options will be but Stratta says there will be "various" choices.

The Bryan City Council had already voted on the master plan to renovate the course. But, within the master plan there was a clause stating the project could only go forward with a blessing from the Bryan Business Council. If that approval had been given, plans were to shut the course down this December through October 2006 for renovations.