Huntsville Meth Bust

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A concerned motorist helps Huntsville police nab a couple of criminals. The motorist called police after seeing drugs and a gun in the suspect’s car.

The driver of a tow truck called police and reported that he was behind a vehicle and could see that the driver possibly had a gun and some type of drugs.

Police followed the tip and 24-year-old Bradley McKamie and 28-year-old Adam Pallas, both of Brazos County, were arrested Monday evening after a felony stop.

Police found 25 grams of crystal meth, marijuana, a gun, and ammunition. Both were charged with possession of a control substance and had already been in trouble with the law.

McKamie was wanted for parole violation and Pallas had three warrants out for his arrest.

Both are behind bars in the Walker County jail. Pallas' bond has been set at $68,000. McKamie's is set at $10,000, but he won't be released because of parole violation.