Rudder Students Attend Safety Demonstration

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Wearing a seat belt can save someone's life.

Rudder Student, Tamesia Burns shared a story about being in a car accident.

"My grandma was trying to unbuckle to save us and she reached over to reach both of us, but he flew out the back window and I was just scared so I was just holding on for dear life," said Tamesia Burns.

Texas A&M AgriLife Extention Service and TxDOT are bringing awareness to the dangers of not wearing a seat belt while in a car.

Rudder High School students receive a reality check as they watch the Rollover Convincer, an electric motor that flips over the cab illustrating a crash.

"It kinda freaks me out; makes you want to be safe," said Christasha Ransome, Rudder Student.

Also, the Crash Exhibit displayed a wrecked truck that two teenagers were fortunate to walk away from.

"At first they say oh my gosh, I can't believe it, those people must've died and when we share the story with them and let them know that both students were wearing their seat belt appropiately and properly and they survived they're just amazed," said Fiona Santillan, AgriLife Program Coordinator.

Alhough, they survived the terrible crash, not everyone is as lucky.

"Do you want your life because if you don't then don't wear a seatbelt, but I recommend you to wear a seat belt; because life you only get one chance to live it," said Zachary Salazar.

And that one chance may make more students value their life.