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Area Emergency Responders Prepare for Emily

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Members of Texas Task Force 1 left Tuesday morning for South Texas to assist in preparations for Hurricane Emily and they're ready for just about anything.

28 members of Texas Task Force 1 have been deployed to the South Texas area in advance of Hurricane Emily's landfall along the Texas Gulf Coast. Bob McKee, Director of Emergency Response and Rescue, says the team will be able to move quickly should Emily blow through Texas.

"Not only do we have the specialized trained teams from all over the state, but we also have the equipment. So we can do anything from the swift water or boats and basic water rescue equipment all the way through our technical communications gear, search equipment," said McKee.

Task Force vehicles are equipped with portable, high tech, satellite radios, so McKee will be able to keep in contact with the crew at all times.

"We're in route to our final destinations and check in with local responders and we are on Highway 77 at this time. We can expect up to 10 inches of local rain and we'll be standing by at our final destination awaiting further orders," said crew leader, Jeff Saunders.

Also assisting in hurricane preparation efforts is the regional chapter of the American Red Cross. 8 volunteers are near South Padre gathering supplies and setting up shelters for evacuees. At least 1 volunteer is from College Station.

Members of Texas Task Force 1 and the Red Cross say they will be ready and waiting to assist residents of South Texas should Hurricane Emily hit.