Brazos Valley Folks Donate to Hurricane Victims

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A few changes of clothes and very little money, Denise Bentley and her family left New Orleans. She kept driving, looking for a place to stay and 24 hours later, she ended up in the Brazos Valley.

"Unfortunately, we were not prepared for this. This was sprung on us at the last minute. We only took what we could and left. So what we have on us is all we have," says Bentley.

Several shelters have been designated in our area to those who have no where else to go.

"Our objective is to receive those evacuees who are for no other reason lack of space to the east, south, west making their way to Brazos Valley, find what our needs are and respond to them," says Ron Crozier spokesperson for Emergency Management Team.

Officials are expecting evacuee numbers in the hundreds. Now the community is stepping in, looking for any way to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Cars loaded with necessities like clothes and diapers were filing in Central Baptist Church.

"The employees raised a percentage of money and our company tripled what was donated. We have four groups that have gone to buy food, water, blankets, pillows, diapers, toiletries, everything," says Tracey Cavin with University Title Company.

The Salvation Army is in charge of feeding those coming in from our neighboring state.

"These people just travel up I-10 and this is where they stopped, they thought they'd be going home another day or two. But now it may be months and where are they going to go is the biggest challenge," says Captain Gary Sturdivant.

Emergency officials are saying their still trying to figure out what exactly they need, but in the mean time, the generous giving of our community is being felt.

"People are just bringing stuff in. They've even taken my dog in and taking care of him and feeding him. There are really good-hearted people out here. I'm glad they took us in, we'd take them too if we could," Bentley.