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Land Lines vs. Wireless

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Will land line phones soon join rotary dials in the telephone graveyard? The explosion of cellular technology has more and more consumers making the switch to mobile phones for both home and away.

Almost everyone has a cell phone and it's used almost everywhere. For many people, wireless phones are taking the place of the home phone. Wireless has become more popular over the years because it lets people communicate whenever and wherever they want to.

"I feel the wireless industry is really taking off because of convenience factor. people can take their phones with them. There is still a need with land line phones you have at your home, such as power outages those type of things," says Cingular Manager, Trevor Flisowski.

According to the FCC, wireless subscribers outnumber traditional telephone line users in Texas and nationwide. It's been a steady increase since the first cell phone service in the mid-80's.

In 1999, land lines were still the number one choice among Texans by eight million users. As of 2004, wireless is now ahead in the game and land lines are dwindling, and more than 180 million people nationwide prefer wireless.

"You can use your phone for not only talking to people but communicating via email, looking up things on the internet such as movie times and things like that. The phones are more capable now then they were just a few years ago," says Flisowski.

Traditional phone lines still offer greater speed, better voice quality and more reliability than wireless phones, but that's becoming less important to younger users.

"There is gonna be a continued need for land line phones, but industry is still growing. More things are on the horizon like faster data speed using wireless phones. Those type of things are still coming and you can see those in the future," says Flisowski.

And it seems soon enough you may be able to make purchases through your wireless device.