Former City Manager Strikes Back

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Did the College Station city council break a law when it fired city manager Tom Brymer? Brymer's attorney says "yes" and has given the council a Friday deadline to make amends.

Attorney Wayne Rife has sent a letter to City Attorney Harvey Cargill accusing the council of violating the Texas Open Meetings Act when it fired Brymer last Friday.
Rife says the wording on the agenda didn't allow for the discussion.

His letter states,"In fact he (Brymer) was completely blind sided with the news that they had deliberated the matter in closed session and that he had been fired."

Rife also claims a quorum of council members illegally made the decision prior to the meeting. Rife is asking the city to admit the mistake and either reinstate Brymer or allow him to resign with a year's pay of around 145-thousand dollars.

The letter gives the council until 5 p-m Friday to comply.
The council has called an emergency meeting for tomorrow at 12:15 pm.