TxDOT Installs New Flashing Light Signals

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New changes to FM 2818 and George Bush will make drivers stop and look twice.

"Nothing was wrong with the other light," Lori Cox

TxDOT will install a new type of left turning signal that will feature flashing arrows. Here's how it works, instead of using the standard solid lights, the signals will be in the form of red, green and yellow arrows. Green arrows mean it's okay to go left, yellow arrows mean you can turn left, but you need to yield to oncoming traffic and of course a red arrow means you can't turn left at all.

Texas Department of Transportation officials are aiming to improve safety of the roads.

"We think that this being unified across the state and nation that this is the way to go and we want everyone to go home safely to the ones they love at night," said Bob Colwell

This project has a price tag of 155,000 which includes taking down old poles, lane closures,new polls and lights.

"Come here four times a week from Bryan why would you waste the money?" said Cox.

We showed these changes to other drivers, some were unsure.

"I think adding another option will just confuse people and enough people aren't paying attention to know how to drive anyways," said Everett Tenney, Texas A&M graduate student.

"So if you hear about a wreck in a white BMW, that's me," said Blinn College student Miranda Rough.

New light signs are going to be up and running on Thursday, so when driving down 2818 and George Bush Drive use caution.

Another driver however looks at the lights on the bright side..

"I could see it being a positive thing just to slow people down so that people are more cautious.," said Kelly Roseberry.

So whether you like the new signal lights or not, get ready, if there is enough funding, these lights will be the driving future across the Brazos Valley and the rest of the state.