Bryan Native Among Katrina Evacuees

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" We weren't prepared for anything like this and we've been through a dozen hurricanes," said Tim Boriskie.

Boriskie, born and raised in Bryan, and his wife Betty have dedicated their lives to helping others. Tim is a member of the Coast Guard and Betty is a nurse in Slidell Louisiana. But neither where able to help anyone once the eye of hurricane Katrina hit their town.

Tim and his family waited out the storm in Lake Charles and returned to Slidell to find their neighborhood completely submerged in water.

" I was scared. I was sad because I thought I was going to go back and I didn't have a home to go back to," said the Boriskie's 10-year-old daughter Kallyn.

The family then came to Bryan to stay with Tim's parents. Tim says it brought him great comfort to be back in the community.

" Unfortunately there's a lot of people that don't have the support system that we do. We're just thankful to be alive and thankful that we have people to turn to," said Betty.

Kallyn will now attend Johnson Elementary.

" I think I've already made a friend there. The people are really nice, the principal is nice and the teachers are nice," said Kallyn.

Betty and Tim plan to return to Slidell and see the condition of their house and the community they've called home for nearly 20 years.

" We're basically preparing for the worst, expecting the worst," said Betty.

Betty has spoken to her co-workers at Slidell Memorial hospital. Many have been working non-stop to since Monday. She plans to help as soon as she returns.

" The hospital is working off of a generator and probably only being able to give very limited care and that's scary," said Betty.

The Boriskies headed back to Slidell to assess the damage on Friday.