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CS Council Rescinds Brymer's Termination

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He was publicly ousted as College Station's City Manager.

But Wednesday, the council changed its mind behind closed doors.

The council apologized for firing City Manager Tom Brymer last Friday, but the apology wasn't directed to Brymer.

Instead the community was given an apology for the controversy the firing created.

The council voted to rescind its termination of Brymer after his attorney threatened to sue under a violation of the open meetings act.

The council was careful not to admit to breaking any laws.

Brymer is now on paid administrative leave with the opportunity to resign.

His personnel record will also be expunged.

Now it will be up to Brymer's attorney and the city attorney to negotiate a settlement.

The original vote to fire Brymer was split 4 to 3, creating tension on the council.

Mayor Ron Silvia says he thinks some healing took place during executive session.

"This doesn't do the community any good to have a split council. So, we've got to do everything in our power to work together whether we disagree on any future items that may come up. And it may be as contentious like this one was. But it's very important for this community that we work together. And that's what we're trying to do -- all of us," said Mayor Silvia.

Brymer's attorney, Wayne Rife released this statement: "Tom Brymer and his family are pleased with the City Council's July 20, 2005, decision to rescind the illegal action which it undertook by its decision to terminate Tom Brymer's employment as City Manager. Today's decision reflects a recognition that the Council's action was in violation of the Texas Open Meeting's Act and was therefore illegal and invalid. The matter is yet to be fully resolved, however, as the decision fails to completely address the four Council member's disregard for the City of College Station, its citizens, and for certain guaranteed rights to which Mr. Brymer was entitled. The resulting harm done to Mr. Brymer and his family remains an open issue for which they must account. We do, however, look forward to our continued negotiations with the City Attorney's office in hopes of resolving all issues before the previously stated deadline. Mr. Brymer's hope and desire is that the matter may be put to rest once and for all in the interest of College Station and its citizens.

Assistant City Manager Glenn Brown is now the acting city manager, and a search firm will be sought by the council to look for a permanent replacement.