Study Will Determine Fate of Bryan Municipal Golf Course

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Just last month the Bryan City Council talked about closing the Bryan Municipal Golf Course for a few months to renovate the property. The council even went so far as to approve millions of dollars worth of improvements.

But as quick as you can say "mulligan," the council backtracked and now may scrap the entire idea if a study proves the land could be put to a more profitable use.

"We're going to hire a consultant, through the RFP process, to come in and give us our options as to what the best use for the land is," said Bob Shultz, auditor, City of Bryan.

This has stirred speculation which in turn resurrected the decades-old rumor of the city purchasing Briarcrest Country Club as "Muni's" new home. Representatives from Briarcrest confirm they've heard the same story.

While the city won't confirm possible locations, Bob Shultz, the liaison between the city and the soon-to-be-hired consultant, says they are keeping their options open.

"Some of the options that have been mentioned are building a new municipal golf course...purchasing a private golf course," said Shultz.

Shultz says the key point at this time is to find out if it would make more sense to use the current golf course for commercial property.

"If it worked out that the land being used as a commercial venue would be worth the money to pay for another municipal course then it makes the decision easier," said Shultz.

The budget planning process kicks into high gear in March. Shultz plans to have the study finished at that point so they can present a recommendation to council. At that time, council could make a decision on the fate of the Bryan Municipal golf course.

"Council will make all the calls," said Shultz.