Largest Black Rodeo In Texas Held In Hearne

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"Here's where you see the true...the real cowboys," said Melva Glover, Glover Rodeo.

It takes a lot of work to put on the Glover Rodeo. After all, it does hold the honor of the largest black rodeo in Texas. But, the title didn't come with ease. The entire Glover family works year round to pull off this successful event.

"A family like ours, we're good at working together, that goes without words almost. For this to work it takes a lot of family," said Glover.

And family is how the event got started, 23 years ago. Melvin Glover decided to put on a small black rodeo in Madisonville. Now the event is so big it packs the Robertson County Fairgrounds.

"It is a vision of one man, Melvin Glover. He had a dream many many years ago and it's the one that you see here today," said Glover.

One cowgirl spends her birthday at the Glover rodeo every year. But this year, she will participate in her first barrel race.

"My emotions run high because its something that I never got to do and it's my chance to see what it's gonna be. I know I'm going to make some mistakes," said Betty Sander, cowgirl.

While the Glover Rodeo attracts mostly black cowboys and cowgirls, other cultures embrace the rodeo circuit from Robertson County.

"All cowboys are welcome here, there's no exclusion of any race, and culture, everyone is welcome," said Glover.

What started as a family event in Madisonville has grown into the largest black rodeo in the nation, drawing more than 6,000 people. Cowboys even travel from as far away as California and Oklahoma.