Slow Weekend At Lake Somerville

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A sunny Sunday afternoon, a perfect day to relax with loved ones and take in some swimming or fishing. On a weekend like this, Lake Somerville should have a big crowd, but Kristen Potenza who works at the lake says, this weekend the crowd is almost non-existent.

"I was expecting it to be busy this weekend, I mean the lake is gorgeous, weather's nice. But for some reason, it's just been slow, it was slow yesterday and it's slow today," said Kristen Potenza, Lake Somerville employee.

The lull in visitor traffic comes on the heels of a tragic incident that happened last weekend. 8-year old Brandon Michael Hess died a few days ago from primary amebic meningoencephalitis, a rare illness he caught while swimming in Lake Somerville. The amoeba that causes this disease can be found in almost every lake, but it's rare for a human to catch the sickness.

"I know it's probably scared a lot of people cause it's something you don't hear about everyday," said Potenza.

Even though it is an unusually slow Sunday afternoon at the lake, some lake goers believe it has nothing to do with the fear of getting sick from the water. But rather other outside factors, like the price of gas and the start of the new school year.

"I think everybody kids and parents going back to school and with $3 for a gallon for the price of gas it kind of gets to you," said Keith Neumann, lake visitor.

But gas prices dropped a little this week and Potenza says those factors didn't affect the numbers in previous years or last weekend.

"Usually Saturdays and Sundays stay pretty busy until the first or two weekends in October," said Potenza.

So while some lake goers aren't afraid to swim in the water, it appears as though many are staying away for now.