Fundraising Campaign Hits Milestone

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Amid tuition hikes, Texas A&M has raked in over a billion dollars to fund its Vision 2020 plan.

One Spirit, One Vision is a fundraising campaign that began five years ago.

The goal was to raise a billion dollars by 2006 to help fund scholarships, hire new faculty and create more diversity at the university.

Texas A&M's foundation president says the milestone represents more than just numbers.

"There are alot of heros in this campaign. Those heros are made up of mostly former students and friends of Texas A&M who have a dream that they want to make come true and typically that's to help a student, or help a faculty member, or make this institution better," said Dr. Ed Davis.

Vision 2020 is the university's roadmap to become one of the top-ranked public universities in the country by the year 2020.