Response to Rita Set in Motion

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As soon as Wednesday evacuees fleeing the Texas coast could arrive in Brazos County.

Emergency Management leaders have already taken a call that 100 special needs patients may be coming from a coastal hospital.

And that is only the beginning.

"We're hoping after Katrina to only care for ten thousand but we have to be prepared for as many come our way," says DeMerle Giordano, the Brazos County Emergency Management Coordinator.

Giordano says the evacuees will be greeted in a more organized manner than they were after Katrina.

Bryan Hilton from the City of College Station says they will be setting up a gateway reception center and following other steps outlined in the city's emergency plan.

All the evacuees will check in there and then be sent to local shelters.

Right now the plan calls for the opening of church shelters first, but Giordano says organizers still need a lot of manpower.

"We are going to need volunteers in an organized manner. We have to create shelter teams and then wait on the state," she says.

Giordano says emergency operating center will be open before noon Wednesday and that more details should be issued by the state about 10 a.m. Wednesday.

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