CS Family of Eleven Could Win Big Prize

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Just like any family, the Kocmoud's are putting money away for their children's college fund.

"It is obviously a big concern of ours how to get them all in and through college," said, father, Christopher Kocmoud.

So it will take some planning.

"Our big concern being that we have two identical twins that are 15 and then everyone else then follows thereafter," said Kocmoud.

That's right everyone else! You see, the Kocmoud's aren't the normal family. There is Nathan, Matthew, Jonathan, Stephen, Andrew, Josiah, Mary Joy, Caleb and little Christiana. From 15 years old to 6 months the family has 9 children.

"We talked about maybe four... but as we were engaged we joked about eight, five plus three so now we've surpassed the joke," said Kocmoud.

The joke turned into a stark reality when they started thinking about putting all nine young minds through college.

So when they found out about a contest to win $25,000 in free tuition they jumped.

The assignment, make a fun video about why they should win the money, and then let the world vote on the contest's website. Well, they are now in the top ten, one step closer to securing their children's future.

"Obviously it would be our hope and our dream that they could go here to A&M," said Kocmoud. "So that's what we're hoping we can achieve especially through this contest."

And it is a future that could add even more faces to this family portrait.

"We're still open for more if that is what God wills."