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CS Council Doesn't Agree to Settlement

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The city of College Station and four of its council members may be defendants in a law suit by Tuesday afternoon.

The council did not reach a settlement for fired city manager Tom Brymer, and unless one is reached by Brymer's deadline, the dispute will be settled in court.

A resolution continues to elude the council and Former City Manager Tom Brymer.

In another executive session, the council discussed a settlement for Brymer but did not reach a unanimous decision.

And in spite of last week's good will gesture of reinstating him and offering an apology to the community -- Brymer's deadline to file suit remains Tuesday at noon.

His demands are clear: A monetary settlement, attorney's fees, a clear personnel record and a personal apology from the council.

Mayor Ron Silvia says it is not likely an agreement will be reached by Tuesday, but council members will return behind closed doors to continue the discussion.

Brymer's attorney Wayne Rife says this situation can be settled amicably or in the courts, but it will be remedied.

Rife says the city and Council members Nancy Berry, Chris Scotti, Ron Gay and John Happ all violated the Texas Open Meetings Act when they fired Brymer over a week ago without following due process.

Rife says placing Brymer on paid administrative leave was a good first step by the council but does not resolve the problem.

Brymer is a finalist for a city manager position in Gainsville, Florida.

He'll interview for that job later this week.